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About Me

My Background


I have drawn and painted since infancy, worked as a screen print designer, taught in Adult Education, then returned to college to study textile design and embroidery. Print and mixed media came naturally.

My Medium

I use many different mediums, such as print, acrylics, charcoal - indeed anything which can make a mark. But my preferred genre is printmaking, using an old mangle which my Husband and son refurbished for me years ago.

  This  body of work 'Picti' meaning 'painted people' uses linocut with embossing to give deep texture on 300gsm Somerset Radiant paper.

My Inspiration

The Orkney and Scotland are two of my favourite haunts for holidays and visiting friends, but any places where there are ancient monuments and carvings draw me like a magnet, I love to feel and taste the atmosphere and wonder about the people who made them.

'Picti' is my latest body of work drawn from the Pictish carvings in these Northern climes and the Orkney Dragon which I sketched in the Kirkwall Museum.

Artist Statement

Have you ever run your fingers over the surface of ancient carved stones and wondered about their meaning, their origin?

Sites of antiquity have drawn me to them like a magnet and over the last few years their images have crept inexorably into my printmaking, now emerging as an entity in their own right, weaving a complexity of unique pattern.

Intriguing and exciting is this synthesis of my lifelong love of healing symbology both ancient and modern and my 20 year journey through Printmaking. Travelling to Egypt, Australia and the Amazon, among others, and training in Reiki, have only strengthened my fascination with these ancient images. Printmaking and in particular Linocut have given me the freedom to give them a 21st century interpretation.

Simplicity of colour is chosen, along with the familiar - the human body, which acts as a conduit - as I seek to bring these otherworldly symbols into the everyday. This choice of the human body was influenced by the early Dragon carvings on Pictish stones, ‘Picti’ meaning ‘people of patterns’, so named by the Romans on Hadrians Wall because the Picts chose to paint or tattoo their bodies. This links my thoughts and allows the symbols to speak for themselves across time and space in their natural environment. 

The viewer who takes his or her time to look closely at the pieces will also see echoes of shapes lingering in the background, or are they materialising? The choice is theirs, the viewer is free to decide for themselves.

Where you can find my work


Public collections include the Victoria and Albert Museum, Scarborough Museum and Kettering General Hospital among others.


International Contemporary Artists Vol XI

50 years of Artists Prints

Norfolk Gems by Alan Marshall

Art of Poetry - 2 volumes

among others.

A Few Selected exhibitions

Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale 2016

Fitzrovia Gallery

50 Years of Artists Prints, Bankside

J Gallery - solo

Cork Street Open

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Janet Bassett Gallery, Rothwell

20th July 2019 to end September 2019

See my work in the summer show, reduction linocut plus my latest linocut and embossing, 

Open Mondays 10 am - 3 pm, Tuesday to Saturday from 10am - 12.30pm.

Janet Bassett Gallery, 14-16 Bridge Street, Rothwell, Northants, NN14 6JW

Rossocinabro Gallery

I am currently being represented by the Rossocinabro Gallery, Via Raffaele Cadorna, 28-00187, Rome

Take a look!

Worldwide collections

Annette has work in the USA, Panama, Japan, Thailand and South Africa and in private collections in England, Scotland, Wales and the Orkney.

The Old Chapel, Upper Dean, Beds

A cornucopia of art, prints, and paintings by Myself, Brenda McKetty and Pat Bustin. September 7th, 10 am until 4pm, in conjunction with the 125th Dean and Shelton Country Show. Tea, coffee and goodies to eat!


Oh my, they are exquisite, when I stop in front of my picture, it talks to me - Annette, the picture is unbelievable - Janine.


I just cannot believe it - the picture has so much energy which is so personal to me - Rose.